Antique Flutes

The flutes are categorized according to their country of origin. Click on the image of each flute for more information about the flute and its maker.

Most of these flutes were in poor condition when acquired, and have undergone extensive restoration to bring them back to playing condition. I perform all of the restoration work myself, and in doing so I try not to alter the original playing characteristics of the instrument.

By deliberately targeting instruments that are in poor initial condition I avoid competition with many collectors, which reduces my costs and allows me to gain hands-on experience with a wider selection of flutes. One reason I want this experience is because it helps me become a better flute maker.  By restoring original instruments myself I also have a chance to learn how they were made and to discover some of the long-forgotten techniques of master flute makers from the past.

Once an antique flute is in playing condition again I mine it for interesting information, share that information here, and eventually return it into circulation for use by players or more serious collectors.

American Flutes

J. A. & W. Geib (8-key)

New York, 1818-21

Firth, Son & Co (8-key)

New York,  1863-67

C. Peloubet (8-key)

New York, 1836-1881

J. Pfaff (8-key)

Philadelphia, 1843-?

J. Pfaff (8-key)

Philadelpia, 1850-55

Geo. Cloos (8-key)

Brooklyn, 1862-?

William Hall & Son (6-key)

New York, 1848-58

F. Riley (4-key)

New York, 1844-50

Klemm & Bro (4-key)

Philadelphia, 1819-80

Firth, Hall & Pond (4-key)

New York, 1833-47

W. A. Pond & Co (4-key)

New York, 1863-1946

William Hall & Son (1-key, F)

New York, 1848-58

Firth, Son & Co (1-key, A) 

New York, 1863-67

British Flutes

Bilton (8-key)

London, 1826-56

Clementi & Co (8-key)

London, 1802-31

Imlay (8-key)

London, mid 1800s

Keith, Prowse & Co (8-key)

London, 1832-46

Keith, Prowse & Co (8-key)

London, 1832-46

Wylde from Rudall & Rose (8-key)

London, 1838-57

Rudall, Carte & Co (Radcliff)

London, 1878-1910

Howlett (8-key)

Norwich, mid 1800s

Boosey (6-key, Piccolo)

London, 1897-98

London, Improved (1-key, F)


London, Improved (4 and 5-key, Bb)


H.Y. Potter (1-key, Bb)

London, 1904-50

French Flutes

Martin Frères (8-key)

Paris, 1840-57

German Flutes

H. F. Meyer (8-key)

Hannover, 1848-97


Giorgio Xicluna

Malta, late 1700s to early 1800s

Anonymous (9-key)